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What if we told you that your go-to condiment was a wellness routine waiting to happen? Introducing Groovy Butter, a CBD-infused nut butter brand that aims to make unwinding and destressing as simple as making breakfast.

Taryn Pire, Associate Food Editor

Sweetened with unrefined coconut palm sugar from Bali, this “vibe-enhancing” condiment is sure to elevate mom’s next breakfast smoothie or evening dessert.

Anna Haines, Wellness & Beauty Reporter

Hemp-derived CBD is a key part of the package with this intensely creamy, drizzle-worthy almond butter.

Oset Babür, Associate Culture Editor

I feel amazing every time I use Groovy Butter. It’s beyond creamy and so delicious with such pure ingredients. Every scoop helps me unwind and hone in on the moment.


Meghan F.

Stone Ground Almond Butter is my AM essential for focus and calm. Hazelnut Cacao Butter is my nighttime treat to relax.


Ali S.

While I usually can’t feel the effects of CBD from other brands, I can DEFINITELY feel them in Groovy Butter. Each spoon is powerful stress relief and has helped me manage anxiety!


Ellie G.

A creamy spoonful of the best almond butter drizzled into my smoothie puts me in just the right headspace to start my day.


Becca W.

My first time trying Groovy Butter, I slept through the night without waking up once. I haven't done that in years. And it tastes like a chocolate hazelnut truffle!


Rob W.

I know I'm "supposed" to take CBD for my back pains but I hate taking supplements. I was already eating almond butter every day – and this one tastes amazing. Groovy Butter made it so easy to be consistent with CBD.


Tim P.