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Are CBD Gummies Good for Me?

Rachel Weber  ·  

Are CBD Gummies Good for Me? What are the healthiest CBD edibles?

Are CBD gummies good for me? The verdict is: Not really.

Why not?

Many popular CBD gummy brands contain corn syrup, gelatin (from cows or pigs), artificial coloring, and "natural" and artificial flavors.

CBD gummies are packed with refined sugars

CBD gummies contain added sugar from refined sources which deliver no nutrients. Refined sugars are linked to increasing your risk of (1) obesity, (2) heart disease, and (3) type 2 diabetes, and have even been linked to depression, liver disease, and certain cancers.

Refined sugars may increase your risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. They're also linked to a higher likelihood of depression, dementia, liver disease, and certain types of cancer.

Many CBD gummies contain gelatin

If you are on a vegan or vegetarian diet, beware CBD gummies with gelatin. Though gelatin is not inherently unhealthy, it is made from the skin and bones of pigs and cows.

CBD gummies have artificial coloring

Beyond unnecessary refined sugars, many of the most popular CBD gummy vitamins on the market have artificial coloring – many of which are not approved for use in Europe, which has stricter food safety regulations than the United States.

Since gummies aren't great, what are the healthiest CBD edibles I can take?

At the end of the day, CBD does work best when it's taken consistently – so if gummies are the way you're most likely to take CBD consistently every day, go for it! But there are far better ways to easily incorporate CBD edibles regularly, conveniently, in a way that is health-promoting rather than harmful. 

If you're looking for a CBD edible that is healthfully decadent, easy to incorporate into your daily ritual, and health-promoting – well beyond the benefits of CBD – try Groovy Butter Stone Ground Almond Butter and Hazelnut Cacao Butter.