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CBD and Your Chronic Back Pain

Juliette Haas  ·  

CBD and Your Chronic Back Pain

Are you one of the 50%+ of people who will experience back pain at least once in their lives?

Whether it's from muscle strain, poor posture, or arthritis, consistent use of CBD could be the remedy!

CBD has been shown to be helpful in managing chronic pain, including back pain. Used on its own or in conjunction with yoga and core-strengthening exercises, CBD has you covered when it comes to keeping your back and your spirit aligned. Whether you choose Groovy Butter’s CBD chocolate hazelnut spread—whose hazelnuts, cacao, and CBD work together to reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure and improve blood flow, and promote better sleep—or CBD almond butter—with its superfood antioxidants and cholesterol-lowering powers—you may see powerful benefits when treating chronic back pain.


There is evidence that hemp has been used to treat sleep issues, chronic pain, and other medical issues for the past 5000 years. CBD has been shown to reduce nerve-related pain and inflammation, but without the psychoactive effects on your mental state. To get into the science of it, ingesting CBD initiates a release of extra anandamide from the brain, which is an endocannabinoid transmitter that helps regulate pain. This helps promote body-wide well-being and pain reduction. CBD may also be effective in suppressing and diminishing chronic neuropathic pain and pain from osteoarthritis, cancer pain, and fibromyalgia, and helps prevent disc degeneration in spinal injuries.

CBD's sleep-enhancing powers also stimulate the body to rebuild naturally throughout the night by encouraging restfulness and combating sleep disruption.

Sleep is the best medicine, and CBD can help you feel less anxious—which is especially helpful when your chronic pain and anxiety are intertwined!  In essence, you can sleep better at night, recharge your body for the next day and further decrease your pain.

Tracking your progress can help you pinpoint what’s working for you and your chronic pain.

Try asking yourself: how does my back feel the morning after I take CBD?

Am I more or less impacted by my back pain during the day at work? Am I more or less inclined to do something because of my pain levels? Journaling (even a quick bullet point in the notes section on your phone!) can help keep you in tune with yourself and your body, especially when determining the specific impact of CBD. 



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