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CBD Infused Chocolate Covered Strawberries Recipe

Rachel Weber  ·  

CBD Infused Chocolate Covered Strawberries Recipe

Valentine's Day is coming up – and what could be a groovier gift for your partner (or yourself) than CBD-infused chocolate covered strawberries to set the mood?

Follow these simple steps to dreamy, decadent CBD-infused chocolate covered strawberries.

Step 1: Add 1 TBSP of room temperature Hazelnut Cacao Butter to a bowl. If needed, soften the Hazelnut Cacao Butter on the stove for a few moments until it's soft and drizzly.

Step 2: Submerge a strawberry (or fruit of choice) in chocolate and place on wax paper

Step 3: Refrigerate 3 hours

Step 4: Post your creation and tag @eatgroovybutter

This recipe is for 1 strawberry, so scale up the recipe as needed.