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CBD vs. Melatonin - Which is Right For Me?

Rachel Weber  ·  

CBD vs. Melatonin - Which is Right For Me?

Which natural sleep solution is right for me?

Melatonin works for some people, but not for all – for many, melatonin has even been known to increase sleeplessness and restless sleep, leading to fatigue or "grogginess".

CBD, on the other hand, especially when taken consistently, has been shown to improve both people’s ability to fall asleep and their quality of sleep.

Further – melatonin gummies have become more common on the market recently. Unlike melatonin gummies, Groovy Butter has a low glycemic index, so you’re not overloading yourself with high fructose corn syrup every day in pursuit of a good night’s sleep. A piece of toast smeared with CBD almond butter or a strawberry covered in a dreamy chocolatey CBD spread before bed can help you stress less at night and sleep better throughout the night.

Dreamy & delightful taste. Dreamy in that I sleep so soundly when I take a spoon before bed! As a person that considers myself a foodie, I truly must say the blend of flavors is perfect. I’ll definitely be a repeat customer.

Violet A.

So go ahead – add a spoonful of CBD nut butter into your nightly routine, and sleep well knowing you have taken one more step toward a healthy, clear-headed nightly self care ritual.