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Elevate Your Meditation Practice with CBD

Rachel Weber  ·  

CBD can help mindfulness meditation relaxation

Meditation and CBD can benefit your mind, body, and soul.

Meditation is used to reduce stress, manage anxiety, improve sleep, and help with physical health – sound similar to something else Groovy Butter loves?

According to sound healer and meditation expert Tania Gold, the benefits of meditation are endless. 

Meditation can reduce stress, control anxiety, increase productivity and focus, improve physical and mental health, ease sleep issues and enhance creativity.

Tania Gold, Sound Healer and Meditation Expert

CBD and meditation have many of the same phenomenal benefits, and when paired together, can complement and amplify each other.

CBD can help create calm in your mind and body, and allow you to relax and hone in on the moment when meditating. One of CBD's most interesting benefits is the way it sharpens focus, which can help in meditation when focusing on the moment.

Meditation and CBD on their own both relieve tension in the mind and body. Together, you might feel more calm, in-tune with yourself, and focused. You may even experience lasting benefits including stress-relief all day and an easier drift into dreamland at night.

How do you recommend pairing CBD with meditation?

First, find a CBD product you love, and take it every day.

Remember that CBD works best when taken consistently, so find a product that will easily integrate into your day-to-day routine or enhance the daily rituals you already have.

Then, to amplify your meditation sessions with CBD, time your daily CBD around your meditation, or take an extra dose prior to your planned meditation session. Experiment with your own personal timing for combining CBD with meditation – try an hour before meditating, 30 minutes before your session begins, or even 15 mins before you begin your meditation, and see which timing gets you into the right mindset: calm, focused, and present in the moment

Interested in getting started with Meditation? 

For those looking to try meditation for the first time, Tania recommends letting go of expectations and giving meditation a try.

There is no right way to meditate. Every day is a different experience. Some days you might feel bliss, other days have a busy mind, and some days you might even fall asleep. Everything is right.

Indulge in Groovy Butter as a moment of sensory joy for your taste buds to melt into the moment with CBD, and then relieve your stress with a meditation of your choosing.

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