How Plants Can Make You Happier + Boost Your Mood

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How Plants Can Make You Happier + Boost Your Mood

Nature makes everyone happier: going on hikes, staring at the ocean, and enjoying the foliage are activities that we all naturally enjoy. But did you know that plants make us just as happy when they’re inside too? Studies have shown that not only do plants make us happier, they also boost our mood, and contribute to our overall well-being, in addition to countless benefits for our physical health!

Here are some mood-lifting plant facts a recent study found:

  • 64% picked up the hobby of plant keeping during the pandemic
  • 93% of older Americans (54 & older) say keeping plants helped their mental health during the pandemic
  • 90% of Americans expect to continue keeping plants after the pandemic ends

Filtering the Air 

During photosynthesis plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the air. Bringing live plants into your home will filter out environmental toxins and increase the oxygen levels in the air. 

Although the process of photosynthesis only happens during the day, there are some plants that continue to release oxygen at night. Areca palms, snake plants, aloe veras, and orchids are a few examples of these types of houseplants. Keeping these plants in your bedroom will help you sleep better at night and combat fatigue.

Reducing Dryness Indoors

Dryness in the air can lead to dry skin, sore throats, colds, nosebleeds, etc. When plants undergo respiration and photosynthesis, they raise the humidity in the air. Adding this extra moisture to the air can help to reduce the risk of these symptoms and make you feel more comfortable in your home environment. English ivys, boston ferns, peace lilies, and jade plants are all great options for this.

Greenery = Good Vibes 

In addition to physical health benefits, plants are great for our mental health. Studies have shown that plants reduce psychological and psychological stress. 

Have you ever been in the presence of nature, looked around, and just felt more at peace? You didn’t make that feeling up! Plants create a soothing environment, causing you to feel more relaxed and calm. Caring for plants is an act of mindfulness by focusing your attention on the task at hand.

Rachel Weber, Groovy Butter Founder

Beyond the plants healing properties, the act of gardening and cultivating your indoor space can also be beneficial. Horticultural therapy is an emerging practice which uses plants and gardening to improve mental and physical health. Planting and gardening is known to boost memory, improve concentration, and improve cognitive performance. It also increases our serotonin which stabilizes our mood, increases our happiness, and our overall well-being.

    Plant Parenthood 

    Houseplants are all unique, and all have different needs. When you go shopping for your next mood-boosting houseplant, make sure you set it up for success. –Treat your plants with love: pay attention to the pot size, use good soil, and make sure you know how much water and sunlight they need when you select your plants. Whether you love plants because they’re beautiful to look at and smell good, or because they make us happier and boost our mood, plants can bring so much to our lives.