Groovy Butter was born on the Lower East Side in the wildest city in the world.

Groovy Butter Hazelnut Cacao Butter with Hemp Extract and Groovy Butter Stone Ground Almond Butter with Hemp Extract are shown balancing on a crystal pyramid. CBD Almond Butter. CBD Nutella. Healthy Vegan Nutella.

Made with amazing, simple organic ingredients, Groovy Butter spreads good vibes. So you can destress from your high stress life, enhance your mood, focus on the moment, and create more.

Groovy Butter is the most fun way to take CBD.

Rachel Weber, Founder of Groovy Butter, pictured with Stone Ground Almond Butter on her white couch behind a coffee table decorated with flowers and books .

“For anyone experiencing anxiety or stress, the shift of adding CBD into your ritual is night and day.”

- Rachel Weber,

Consistency is key with hemp-derived CBD. Groovy Butter was designed to fit seamlessly into your daily ritual – elevating your standard scoop of almond butter and making your nightly dessert treat into a wellness practice.

Get your groove on any time of day. Blend into a smoothie, spread onto toast, drizzle on ice cream, or enjoy a spoonful (or two) directly from the jar.

Each organic ingredient - low water usage almonds and hazelnuts, raw Peruvian cacao, coconut sugar from regenerative palm farms, organic hemp farms with biodynamic farming methods - was carefully selected for the creamiest and most flavorful butters imaginable, without harm to Mother Earth.

Groovy Butter is packaged in glass and shipped in recyclable cardboard mailers.

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