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CBD-Infused Almond Butter is an Ideal Way to Take CBD

Rachel Weber  ·  

CBD-Infused Almond Butter is an Ideal Way to Take CBD

What makes Stone Ground Almond Butter an ideal way to take CBD every day?

Raw stone ground nut butter is a fantastic mechanism for CBD. The natural healthy fat content and low temperature process to produce raw stone ground nut butters provide a perfect medium for cannabidiol infusion.

Groovy Butter uses a low temperature stone grinding process – it’s how the nut butters stay so creamy, smooth, and decadent. It also retains the most nutrients in the nut butter, and keeps the oil from separating.

Groovy Butter CBD-infused organic Stone Ground Almond Butter is excellent for muscle recovery. The muscle-building protein and fat combination from raw Sicilian Supernova almonds pairs with the anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD to give your body the boost it needs to heal and thrive.

There are so many CBD tinctures and pills out there. Why is stone ground nut butter the best way to take CBD?

The best way to take CBD is whichever way you will remember to use it most consistently. CBD has been proven to work best when used consistently

For many, nut butter is already a huge part of their daily ritual – in their smoothie or on toast in the morning, and a heaping scoop for dessert at night. If nut butter is already part of your daily ritual, you won’t need to think twice to remember to take your CBD tincture or pill – it can be easily incorporated into your lifestyle by elevating the daily rituals you already have.

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